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Peer Helpers.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2018
Congratulations to the Elba Elementary students that were selected to be members of the 2018-2019 EES Peer Helper Program. To be selected to be a part of this program is an honor at EES. The primary purpose of the Peer Helpers Program is to foster leadership skills by allowing students to have a hand in making our school a place where students feel safe, accepted, and supported. We want everyone to know that they have a place to turn when they need a helping hand. As peer helpers, these students will learn leadership as well communication and problem solving skills that they will use throughout life. We look forward to watching as these students truly make a difference on our campus.

1. Taylor Day
2. Amaia Vargas
3. Sydney Siler
4. Madilynn Jerkins
5. Keyunna Griffin
6. Miciah Smith
7. Kaleb Adkison
8. Keelie Moseley
9. Kelis Burks
10. Rebeckah Duncan
11. Charla Jordan
12. Easton McKelvy
13. A'Niyah Craighead
14. Alyssa Akers
15. Jadyn Caldwell
16. Rachel Brunson
17. Skylar Mitchell
18. Ayrika Caldwell
19. Lynlee Free
20. Kenslee Acreman
21. Emanuell Cooks
22. Jordan Hammonds
23. A'Lyric Whitfield
24. Cheyenne Bowman
25. Si'Nia Smedley

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